Corrupted With Christianity

With extensive research, we have found that many texts, especially speeches and writings of Important Nazi Leaders have not only been embedded with false Christian statements, phrases, and alleged sympathies, but most Nazi writings have been corrupted with deliberate translations using words [English here as an example} that have religious connotations. For example, using the English word "satanic" for the German word "evil." Other words include "bless/ing," "Christian," "hell/ish," "lord," "miracle," "heaven," "demon/ic," "holy," "almighty," "devil/ish," "Satan," "Lucifer," [both in a very demeaning and negative sense] "Philistine," [a typically Jewish term for a boorish person; Gentiles normally do not use this and this reveals what the translator is]. Some of the writings have been so corrupted that they even resemble a Sunday church sermon. Others, carelssly done have numerous contradictions and with nearly all of them, the Christian embedded trash is glaringly out of place.

I am sure many of the texts have even been corrupted in the original German in order to keep the misled believers under control through psychic means. In addition to this, we have also run across certain writings and statements from the USA Founding Fathers such as Benjamin Franklin [who was a closet Satanist- he was an honorary Member of Sir Francis Dashwood's 'Hellfire Club' which practiced Black Masses and orgies], with Christian embedded statements. These also were glaringly out of place, and worked to portray Franklin as a devout Christian, which he definitely was not.

If you read through this website and the linked websites, you will understand why this was done, as details are explained. It places believers and anyone who reads the materials under Jewish psychic control through Christianity.

I would also like to add something here. Because of endless Jew lies and their media propaganda, few people know the truth. What they have done to Satan and our Gods [Pagan] is a major example:

This excerpt quote from the Catholic Encyclopedia is very revealing:
In the same way the Greeks and Romans may have worshipped their divinities, fondly believing them to be good. But the Christian Scriptures declare that all the gods of the Gentiles are demons.
Catholic Encyclopedia: Devil Worship
"DEMONS" ARE THE GODS OF THE GENTILES!!!! While the Jew controlled television, schools, universities and book media and related are forever accusing and condemning the Nazis, this in addition to the trillions of dollars in "reparations" and other favors the jews have taken for themselves such as stealing Palestine from the Palestinians and using that phony holoco$t to get their way on many different issues:
The REAL Holocaust
The REAL Death Camps

One of the major benefits the Jews have gotten from persecuting the Nazis is they have used the Nazis as a distraction to divert attention away from unimaginable Jewish crimes against Gentiles. You will never see very much about the REAL death camps from Jewish controlled Hollywood, only movies and TV shows advertizing their phony holoco$t. This only further reveals the truth about Jewish supremacy. What happens to Gentiles doesn't even matter.

They never expected their precious communism to fail. Vladimir Lenin was along with Josef Stalin, Lavrenty Beria [all Jews], andthe rest of their Jewish filth- THE WORST MASS MURDERERS THAT EVER EXISTED!

In the USSR, the murder was so extensive that entire villages were wiped out, those who were not outright murdered were sent to death camps to be literally worked to death under the most brutal conditions. The murders committed by Jewish communism, under the orders of Jewish authorities extend past the hundred million mark. What they even ACCUSE Hitler and the Third Reich pales in comparison. What is worse, Hitler and the Nazis never committed any of these crimes! OF COURSE HITLER AND THE NAZIS TRIED WITH EVERYTHING THEY HAD TO KEEP JEWISH COMMUNISM OUT OF GERMNY!! TO PROTECT THE GERMAN PEOPLE. IN ADDITION, GERMAN PEOPLE WERE BEING PERSECUTED AND MASS MURDERED IN AREAS UNDER COMMUNIST CONTROL, SUCH AS IN THE UKRAINE AND IN AREAS OF POLAND. THE THIRD REICH TRIED TO RESCUE THESE PEOPLE. MANY CAME TO GERMANY; THEIR LIVES WERE SAVED.

False accusations against the Nazis have been used as a distraction and a diversion. If you read the above link, what they accused the Nazis of was not only mathematically impossible, but also has been debunked by many different scholars since WW2.

Nowhere in the annals of history has there ever been a worse case of the most sick and depraved mass murder than what has occurred under Jewish leaders- THEIR OWN ORDERS- Lenin, Stalin, Zinoviev, Kamanev, Beria- all Jews. Below is a photo of an example of their atrocities. Taking control of the food and enforcing famine was used to break the will and resistance of the people:

The child in the above photo, like so many is naked. Many others are nearly so. Jew communism not only took ALL of their food and belongings, but also stripped them down to their underclothes of which they also took from them, leaving them to freeze to death if starvation didn't kill them first. The few survivors were deported to concentration camps and worked to death like the adults. Few if any ever returned.

Yet, the Jews promote this malignant vile scum as heroes. I have even heard there is a statue commemorating Lenin in Seattle Washington. Now, just how would they react if someone put up a statue of Hitler? Or how about an open Satanic Church? This only reveals the extent of control the Jews have over everyone. The crimes committed by the Jews and yes, even to their own as they are parasites and if anyone pays the right price, they will do in their own, as money is the god of the Jews. In closing, I would also like to add how the Jews push Christianity and they deliberately corrupt writings, especially those of their enemies by injecting Christian filth in them. We have been finding how so many writings, books and related by Nazi Leaders has been totally corrupted with Christian filth. The Nazis were very ANTI-xian, and most at the top, truth be known were Satanists. The Jews work to get anyone they can, especially those who are their enemies and a threat to them under their control with Christianity. It is a psychic connection and a spell as I have written many times before. The Christian imbedded filth stands out for the lie it is, as it is very contradictory and out of place in the corrupted texts. This also acts in more ways for the Jewish agenda, as it confuses Gentiles and psychically disarms those who believe the lies.

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