The Truth About the Talmud

"Jesus Christ," "Christians," and "Christianity" are hardly ever mentioned in the Talmud, despite the mistranslations that are available to the deluded Christians who believe that the Talmud is a conspiracy against Christ and Christianity. The truth is that the Talmud is a conspiracy, but, it is a conspiracy against the Pagan [Gentile] peoples. Despite the fuss that the Christians have made for centuries about passages in the Talmud that allegedly blaspheme Christ, the Jesus of Nazareth character is supposedly mentioned only once in the later editions of the Talmud, and he is cited:

"I have come not to destroy the Law of Moses" (Matthew 5:17) There is nothing anti-Christian about Christ in the Talmud. However, members of the militant Christian death-cult insist that the Talmud contains numerous blasphemous references to Jesus, and the Christian "religion." The truth is that "Jesus" and "Yeshua" were very common JEWISH names during the era when Christ's fictitious life was supposed to take place. Some sources say that the references to a man named "Jesus" or "Yeshu/a" existed around either 100 B.C.E. or 100 C.E., which according to Christian tradition, is NOT the time of their beloved Jewish Nazarene.

Many Jews do not believe in Jesus the Christ because they know that he is fictitious and that they invented this JEWISH character for the Gentiles to grovel before, as worthless "sinners" and to prepare them for the coming of the official Jewish Messiah who unites all of the Jews in the world, brings judgment and damnation upon the Aryan peoples, and enslaves the rest of Gentile humanity. The Talmud has been mistranslated during the Middle Ages and was twisted and distorted in regards to a certain "Jesus the Nazarene." For those who are deluded by "Christian Identity," the "Sovereign Lord of All the World," mentioned as the Universal King of the Jews in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, would be the long-awaited Jewish Messiah AND would be none other than the "Second coming of Christ" to the Christians. The Jewish people have the Gentiles over a barrel with their greatest trick, which is Christianity. This is why Christians are so confused and fooled a lot of the time. Christianity is completely foreign and alien to Gentiles, as we are naturally Pagan.

Shabbath 116a (p. 569) from the Talmud reads: Jews must destroy the books of the Christians.

This quote from the Talmud was added later on, and its purpose is to confuse Gentiles who have fallen for Christianity. The term "Christian" is a forgery, as the original wording would have been "Gentiles" or "heathens," i.e. "idolatrous goyim." This much later interpolation came from Christians who were later given access to the Talmud so they could do some editing. The Jews allowed this, of course, to once again make it look like liberal "Christ-hating" Jews versus conservative Christians, as for any great Jewish lie to succeed, they have to pretend to be against something, in order to give their programs more power. If you read on, you will learn that it is actually Satan and his Demons that the Jews are cursing and blaspheming, and not the Nazarene. This may be way over many heads, but misconceptions about the Talmud's alleged "hatred" of Christ and Christianity must be addressed.

Shabbath 116a does NOT refer to Christians or the Christian [JEWISH] book of the New Testament. If the New Testament is actually read, rather than talked about, people would see that it actually praises the Jews, Israel, and Jewish "heroes" and patriarchs much more so than the Old Testament. In John 4:22, Christ himself states "Salvation is from the Jews." How much more damning of a statement can be indoctrinated into the Gentile collective unconscious than that? Christ was on a mission to unite Israel with all of the world's Jews, and to destroy the Aryan spirit, and to treat the other nations of the world as soul-less beasts of the field.

It is obvious that the Shabbath 116a passage is stating that the Jews must destroy the books of the Pagans. Look at how the Jews claim to be against Christianity, and yet the Bible is the book that the Jews publish the most, and is published . History will testify that it was the Jews who destroyed Pagan libraries and corrupted what was left. Millions upon millions of innocent Gentile men, women, and children were not mass-murdered for being Christians, but for being Pagans.

In the Al-Jilwah, Satan says: "Do not give them [Jews, Christians, Muslims] your books, lest they alter them without your knowledge. Learn by heart the greater part of them, lest they be altered." - Satan

Satan is the God of the Gentiles, and if his own people would take heed to what he has told us, and what he still tells us when he communicates with us, the Jews would have already been eradicated. Here are some quotes that indicate whether it was Christ who is mentioned in the Talmud or not, other than being cited once.

One might think that there would at least be reference to the "historical" Jesus in the texts of the Jews, who were known for record-keeping. Yet, such is not the case, despite all the frantic pointing to the references to "Jesus ben Pandira," who purportedly lived during the first century BCE, or other "Jesuses" mentioned in Jewish literature. The story of Jesus ben Pandira, for example, related that, a century before the Christian era, a "magician" named "Jesus" came out of Egypt and was put to death by stoning or hanging. However, ritualistic or judicial executions of this manner were common, as were the name "Jesus" and the magicians flooding out of Egypt. Even if ben Pandira were real, it is definitely not his story being told in the New Testament.[1]

The Jews never knew about the Jesus Christ of the gospels until they invented this character for Gentiles to waste all of their time, mind, body, soul, and money towards. By saying that Jesus Christ came in the flesh and that he will return, gives the Jews all the more psychic power from the Gentiles who have fallen for the Jewish program of Christianity, to bring about their Messiah. If only Gentile Christians knew that their object of worship would be the funeral wreath of humanity, instead of its savior.

"Despite claims to the contrary, the Jewish composition of the Talmud rates as worthless in establishing the existence of Christ and the historicity of the gospel tale. The supposed references in the Talmud--largely consisting of unflattering commentary about Jesus--are all too late to demonstrate anything more than traditions passed along decades to centuries later. Furthermore, some of the passages cited do not seem to refer to the gospel Jesus at all" [2]

"Furthermore, Jewish scholar Solomon Schechter observes that Jewish texts composed during the time of Jesus' advent contain not a single reference to the supposed founder of Christianity" [3]
"A radical position is represented by Johann Maier, who maintains that not only the Mishna but also both Talmuds lack any authentic, direct mention of Jesus of Nazareth. His conclusion is that even the original text of the two Talmuds never mentioned Jesus of Nazareth; ALL SUCH REFERENCES TO JESUS ARE INTERPOLATIONS INSERTED IN THE MIDDLE AGES [emphasis, mine]." [4]

"Therefore, the Talmud is worthless as a non-Christian source demonstrating the historicity of the gospel tale and does not much add acceptable material for our quest to find out who Jesus was." [5]
Now, here is how the Jews have used and abused Pagan deities to compose the Christ character. "In the story of Dionysus is to be found not only these various significant correspondences to biblical characters and the Christ myth, but also an apparent explanation of the tale of Jesus ben Pandira, Pandera or Panthera, who was supposed by many to represent the "historical Jesus." This Jesus or Joshua ben Pandira is found only in the Talmud. In the story of Dionysus or Bacchus, the god is reborn as one of twins suckled by a female panther, hence his title "son of a panther," the same as "ben Panthera" As the "God of Nysa," Dionysus came out of Egypt, and his moniker was IHE, or IES in Latin, hence, "Jesus ben Panthera" may have been a reference to Dionysus. "Jesus ben Pandira" is not the gospel Jesus.[6]

Here, we see that it is the Pagans, and NOT the Christians, that are being attacked by the Jews. In addition, it has been a common belief among many who are deluded, that the Jewish term "Akum" means "Christians." This is not the case. "Akum" is a reference to Pagans, as it is an attack on those who are polytheistic and serve the Gods of the Gentiles, and observe the planets, stars, and the Zodiac. The Jews use occult power in a liberal way to enslave Gentiles, but the Gentiles are forbidden from using any occult powers, according to Christian tradition.

"The tractate "Avodah Zarah" deals with gentiles, but the reference is to pagans, rather than Christians. It specifically mentions as their holidays pagan Roman celebrations such as Kalends and Saturnalia. PAGANS [emphasis, mine] were referred to as "Akum" -- which is an acronym for worshipers of stars and astrological signs. Jewish law books have some very unkind things to say about these "heathens."

The Jews confiscate everything of their enemies, i.e. Pagans, in order to take over the world. I must interject here that the story of Christ and his twelve labors, or, "stations of the cross," were not only stolen from the story of the Greek Demi-God Heracles, but are also based upon the twelve signs and "labors" of the sun through the Zodiac. This is why it has been said that the Nazarene is a JEWISH archetype to REPLACE our Aryan Sun Gods, who have been demonized as monsters in order to keep us away from them, and our Creator God Satan. What the Jewish archetype of Christ does, is it collects all of the Gentiles' racial memories of our sacred Gods, and our collective archetypal racial memories of the Sun, personified by 18 or more "crucified" Pagan Gods who were all born of a virgin, who lived their lives, died at the hands of a betrayer, and were resurrected [all of this is symbolic], in order to usher in the Jewish Messiah, by using and abusing all of this powerful psychic energy in the mass mind of non-Jews. The life, death, and resurrection, are all ALLEGORIES of the SPIRITUAL process of the Magnum Opus of turning lead into gold, and therefore, man into Godhood. The Nazarene idiot is a concept that was created to confuse and distract the Gentiles.

Just look at how many denominations of Christianity there are, keeping Gentiles fighting against Gentiles. The Nazarene is a false deity that has been used to replace all of the original Pagan Gods, as well as true spirituality. When the Talmud states that the Gentiles worship "that man" as God, Christians are deluded into believing that that is a reference to Christians and Christ. Nothing could be further from the truth. Secondly, the rivals of the Jews were PAGANS, NOT CHRISTIANS. The reference to "that man" in the Talmud is about the end of the Age of Pisces, when Gentiles start denouncing Christianity and return to their Pagan roots. "That man" is none other than Satan, the Creator God of the Gentiles. The Jewish name "Yeshua" is NOT an attack against Christ, but against the one who has been slandered, cursed, bound, and turned into a hideous "monster" in order to keep his own creation away from him. "Yeshua" means "May his [Satan's] name and memory be blotted out."

Moving on to one of the biggest stumbling blocks that the Jews have created to make Christians believe that "Balaam" in the Talmud is a secret code word for Jesus Christ.
BALAAM, the alleged prototype for "Christ" was NOT the fictitious Nazarene, no matter how much Christians rant and rave about this misunderstanding.

Sanhedrin 106b reads "Sectarian said to R. Chanina: Do you know how old Balaam was? [R. Chanina] replied: It is not written. However, since it says (Psalms 55:24) "Men of bloodshed and deceit will not live out half their days..." he was 33 or 34. [The heretic] said: You said well. I have seen the chronicle of Balaam and it said "At 33 years Balaam the lame was killed by Pinchas (Phineas) the robber."

Here, we have the Goetic Demon Balaam, who is one of the original Gods of the Gentiles, whose father is Beor [sounds a lot like the Goetic Demon Buer] that is being maligned here. The Christians believe that the above passage from the Talmud is blaspheming the Nazarene, and that Pinchas is "Pontius Pilate" who slew him. This is a falsehood. Although, it is said that Balaam only lived for about 33 years, like Christ, we have an entirely different individual than the Nazarene. The Nazarene performed sloppy "miracles," but never told anyone, except for the Jewish people, how to do them. The phony Christ character was weak. All he knew were a few lousy parlor tricks. When a Gentile, such as Balaam, has and uses occult power, he is in big trouble with the Jews, as occult power is one of "God's" gifts to the "righteous" Jews to destroy all Aryans, with the Jews taking over the world, and keeping all of the other Gentile races as their slaves and property. Although the Nazarene is the JEWISH messiah, the Jews who reject him do so most of all because they know that they created this fool for the Gentiles to use up all of their psychic energy towards, in order to bring about the "Universal King of the Jews" real, official advent. The Jews do not fall for their own lies, with the exception that the very first Jews were Christians.

Balaam, who also appears in the Old Testament was a Gentile sorcerer who's mission was to curse Israel and the Jewish people. This is why Balaam was killed. On the other hand, Christ worked FOR Israel, with him being an ambitious Jew, himself. With that being said, it is clearly not Jesus Christ that the Talmud is referring to.

Here is a quote about the God Balaam who is mentioned by the Jews in the Old Testament: "Balaam was a Gentile prophet, whose prophesies are recorded in scripture. However, he was famous as a soothsayer, who would pronounce a curse for money. The Mosaic Law strictly prohibited these practices, but then, Balaam wasn't a Jew. He was a Gentile. Balaam was responsible for the death of 24,000 Jews. He was the pawn of Baal. He was the friend of anti-Semitism." [7] The moral of the story of Balaam is that Israel over-powered his curses against the Jews, as Israel turned his curses into blessings for Israel. Balaam was punished for being a Gentile who loathed the Jews and practiced sorcery. This is clearly not the story of Jesus Christ. Therefore, the statements of Christians who believe that Balaam is a Talmudic reference to Christ, are null and void.

Now, we have a quote from the Talmud that the Christians use to suggest that the Talmudic Jews are saying that "Jesus" is being punished in boiling semen in Hell. Christians will conveniently forget that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah, and NOT the Gentiles' Messiah, who is Satan. Here we read about Balaam's punishment, followed by Satan's punishment in "Hell." As mentioned earlier, Balaam is not Jesus, and the name or term "Yeshu/a" is a derogatory term for Satan, meaning "May [Satan's] name and memory be blotted out."

Talmud Gittin 56b-57a reads: [Onkelos Bar Kalonikus] called up Balaam from the dead. [Onkelos] asked: Who is honored in that world? [Balaam] replied: "Israel." [Onkelos] asked: What is your punishment? [Balaam answered]: "In boiling semen." The Talmud claims that all souls of non-Jews are "filthy" and "impure," and that all non-Jewish souls are sent to eternal punishment, as they belong to Satan, the Creator of Gentiles, and the Enemy of the Jews. This sounds the same as Christian threats of eternal punishment, as, truth be known, and contrary to common knowledge among the deluded, the Jews, the Talmud, the Bible, and Christianity are inseparable.

In the next quote from the Talmud, a strong misunderstanding takes place to the deluded Christians, due to a lack of knowledge. In this case, "Yeshua" is being applied to Satan in a very derogatory way. It is Satan that was cursed by this remark, and not the Nazarene. As you will see, according to Christian [Jewish] mythology, Christ was "resurrected," not sent to burn in boiling excrement in Hell.

"[Onkelos] called up Yeshu from the dead. [Onkelos] asked: Who is honored in that world? [Yeshu] replied: "Israel" [Onkelos] asked: What is your punishment? [Yeshu answered]: In boiling excrement. As the master said: Whoever mocks the words of the sages is punished in boiling excrement." It is so obvious at this point that the Talmud is not blaspheming Christ, but Satan.

Furthermore, in "Some Observations on the Attitude of the Synagogue Towards the Apocalyptic-Eschatological Writings," Journal of Biblical Literature (1922), p. 121 n. 18, Professor Louis Ginzberg admits: "One may therefore state with absolute certainty that the entire Talmudic-Midrashic literature does not know of any nicknames for Jesus or his disciples."

That is the verdict. The Talmud is not "anti-Christ" or anti-Christian in any way. It is anti-idolatrous Pagans, not the Christians who only believe in the Christian [Jewish] god and Nazarene. The Jews say that they are of "YHVH," while the Gentiles are the Children of Satan, and NOT the other way around, despite what the members of Christian Identity believe. This in no way applies to Christians or Christianity, but to the non-Jewish races. Those who are cursing themselves with Christian Identity need to realize this, and that by believing that they are the lost tribe of Israel, and therefore, the "true Jews" isn't only damning themselves, but all Gentile peoples, in a total war against the Gentile spirit.

"God" and the "Devil" are BACKWARDS. Satan is the God of the Gentiles, and he loves and adores his creation. He is not the one who deceives all the Nations, nor is he a liar or a murderer. Satan is the enemy and adversary of the Jewish people. In the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, the Jews boast "We shall destroy God." Look at the extent the Jews have gone towards separating Gentiles from Satan. Satan is God. The Jews have also stated that the Gentiles "shit before their god." This is a reference to how the Jews have demonized Satan to the point that Gentiles are so afraid of him that they continue to curse and bind him, and want to keep away from him at all costs.

In closing, every Gentile has every reason to hate the Jewish people with a seething passion. Just because it turns out that the Jews do not mock the Christian "god" doesn't mean they should be forgiven for mass-murdering Gentiles, or for destroying our Pagan libraries that contained very clear instructions from our Pagan Gods for how to achieve immortality, and replacing it with Jewish filth, distractions, and totally bogus "religions," such as Christianity that prepare us for accepting the Jews as our masters, which is the theme of the New Testament just as much as the Old Testament. This sermon is an open letter and a wake up call for all Gentiles. The truth about Christianity is that the very first Christians were Jewish, and the very last remnant of Christians will be Jewish. As for the Christians who believe that non-Jewish Christians are the "Chosen of Yahweh," they are damning their own souls, and are spreading their toxicity to the rest of humanity [non-Jews]. We need to stand united and empower our souls, leaving no other option for the Jews than for them to get with the Pogrom. Simeon Haddarsen, fol. 56-D: "When the Messiah comes every Jew will have 2800 slaves."

The Christian Mass and How it Ties into Jewish Ritual Murder


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