Reinhard Heydrich and his Work to Destroy Christianity

This explains how the 'Vatican' helped many of the SS get set up with new identities and places to live such as in South America, after the war. The Nazis infiltrated the Vatican as clergy to destroy it from the inside, and they were planning on working to destroy the Protestant Churches, but the war disrupted everything.

Here is a quote:
"The ultimate aim of the SS went beyond the eradication of political Catholicism to the destruction of the Church itself as a centre of power and moral authority. Heydrich attempted to discredit the clergy by engineering a number of trials based on accusations of currency smuggling and sexual misconduct by priests and nuns which were given wide publicity in the SS journal, Das Schwartze Korps."
[It doesn't take much imagination to figure out the 'sexual misconduct' which has always been the pedophilia- molesting and raping of children].

"He later developed a more elaborate plan to speed the decline and disintegration of organised religion. According to SD agent Wilhelm Hoettl, Heydrich intended to disrupt the Church from the inside by sending his own men to the theological seminaries for training as priests."

"A similar scheme was to be directed against the Protestant Churches."

"Hitler decided to postpone a final reckoning with Christianity until after the war."

The above quotes were taken from the book:
"The Killing of SS Obergruppenfuhrer Reinhard Heydrich" by Callum Macdonald.

'No less characteristic was his [Reinhard Heydrich] plan for destroying the churches: to send young, unshakably fanatical National Socialists into the seminaries for priests in order to begin their work on sedition from within.'
The Face of the Third Reich: Portraits of the Nazi Leadership by Joachim C. Fest ' 1970; Translated from the German by Michael Bullock, Page 159