What The Jewish Rabbis Have To Say About Satan

Some Jews who call themselves "Satanists," try to deny the fact that the Jews are the enemies of Satan and that Satan does indeed HATE the Jewish people intensely. He has made this very blatant to his closest disciples. The following are quotes from Jewish rabbis and other religious Jews. It is pretty obvious.

Rabbinical quotes about Satan:
(A few Christian quotes are included towards the end of the page)

"Those who use the Holocaust to justify either their atheism or their tendency to devalue the authority of the Jewish Bible should remember that Satan, not G-d, is the author of Nazism and anti- Semitism."

"SATAN IS THE AUTHOR OF ANTI-SEMITISM, THE HATRED OF THE JEWS The term 'anti-semitism' was coined in 1879 by a German journalist Wilhelm Marr to designate anti-Jewish campaigns then appearing throughout Europe. Since that time, the term has been universally applied to any form of behavior or literature which evidences hostility toward the Jews (9).
With every fiber of his depraved, sinister being, Satan despises the Jews. He hates them with a perfect hatred, and his demented nature is revealed in his treatment of the Jewish people. This hatred is a reflection of his hatred for God (as Jews are God's chosen people). Their total destruction is his goal. He is the author of the spirit of anti-semitism (15).
He has tried to persecute God's people, the Jews, in order to eliminate them so that the promised seed of Genesis 3:15, Yeshua, would not be born, and mankind would not be redeemed. The Book of Esther details how the enemy of God and his people tried to eliminate the Jewish race, but God raised up Esther for "such a time as this" to deliver her race. King Herod tried to eliminate Yeshua by having all the male babies in Bethlehem under two years of age killed. In our generation the Holocaust is ever mindful of Hilter's outrage against millions of Jews, while Stalin's killing of thirty million Jews goes hardly mentioned. Today, one out of every five people in the world is committed to the death of the Jews. Islam requires the death of the Jews (7)."

"Therefore, Satan is desperately trying to stop the return of the Messiah. That's why Satan is doing all he can to destroy the Jewish people. At the same time he is trying to make faith in Yeshua so alien and repugnant that no self-respecting Jew, let alone the nation, would ever desire to repent and trust in Him! Every congregation of believers in Yeshua, Jewish or Gentile, which doesn't endeavor to bring the Good News to the Jewish people, is actually playing into the present plan of Satan: stop Israel from recognizing their Messiah, Satan's destroyer, so Messiah can't return."

"In this century, Satan has fanned the flames of hatred against the Jews by using Muslims worldwide in his attempt to stop God's Plan which will see Jesus Christ returning to the Mount of Olives. If there is no Jewish Israel, Satan has reasoned that God's Word would be a lie, God's Plan would fail, and he could then survive."


"Where did Anti-Semitism come from? What is the real cause of this evil thought? The answer is very plain. It comes from the devil. Did you know that the first time the devil is mentioned by the name "Satan" is when he acts against Israel?
"And Satan stood up against Israel, and provoked David to number Israel." (I Chronicles 21:1) Satan is the one who is the cause of all the persecution and suffering of Israel. Satan hates the nation through whom so much blessing has come to the world, especially Messiah Jesus. When the devil is angry against Israel, it always ends in his defiance against the Messiah and Saviour, Yeshua ha Meshiach. From Pharaoh, the first anti-Semite on record, to Amalek, Haman, then to the King of Syria in 168 B.C., to the Roman War in 66-70 A.D., Satan was the moving factor in Jewish persecution and bloodshed. Through the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, the Russian pogroms and the Nazi holocaust you read the history of what Satan has done through men against my Jewish people.
But there is coming a day when the fierce attacks against the nation of Israel will come to an end. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will fight against those who have persecuted the Jew. Then Satan will have his final attack on Israel and God will cast him into the Lake of Fire as prophesied."

"The Arab nations will still be bent on the destruction of that tiny nation in the Middle East. There will still be hatred of Jews and a determination to annihilate them. The source of the hatred (ha satan, in English: satan) will still be very much alive, and will most likely be more active than ever as he sees his time growing short. The deceiver will still be busy at work convincing pastors and unsuspecting believers around the world that the Israelis are brutal aggressors who kill innocent Palestinian children. The media is a great asset to satan. People believe the lies they read in the press and Israel gets another black eye."

"There should be no more fighting over the land, but because of man's carnality and because satan hates the Jewish people because of this covenant, the war rages on. It will continue to do so until Yahshua, the Holy One of Israel returns to set up His earthly Kingdom from the Holy City of Jerusalem!"

"Since 1948 there have been several times when Israel had to close it's borders to tourists. Having dealt with people engaged in hundreds of tours to Israel there has never been an incident of a tourist being hurt or killed by terrorists. If you plan to go to the Holy Land you can count on the following: Satan will begin, about 30 days before you are to depart, to try and cause a major incident or to create a climate of fear to keep you from going to Israel."

"Anti-Israel designs of any description are demonic. Satan has hated God's chosen people from the moment Abraham was called. This occurred many years preceding the name of 'Israel' being given to Jacob as he wrestled with God. It was all part of the seed of woman and the promise of the Messiah."

"Considering the above, we will understand why Satan hates the "sound of the Shofar" for It will clearly deliver the message that he is, and has been defeated by the shed blood of the Lamb of God! The very sound of the Shofar makes Satan despise our praise and worship unto the Lord. He hates those who have repented of their sins and follow the Lord Y'Shua. He hates "Ha Davar - The Word" and He who is the Word. He cannot tolerate those that do battle in Y'Shua's Name. He hates to be reminded that Y'Shua was resurrected from the dead three days and three nights after He gave His life, defeating that evil one. Satan hates the State of Israel, for were the Jewish people still in the Diaspora and Israel not been re-established, the Lord Y'Shua cannot return. Also, Satan hates to hear about his final doom."

"You need to know and understand that Satan hates the Jewish people. Through promises made to Abraham and his seed, God would bring forth into the earth the revelation of Himself and His redemption to humanity. Satan hates the seed of Abraham. Satan hates the Jew. Jesus was a Jew."

"So if God loves the Jewish people, why are they slandered and maligned? The evil of this deed lies far below the darkest depths of the most corrupt human heart. It is an insidious hatred that Satan has for the Jewish people. First, Satan hates God, so it is natural that he would hate the focus of God's attention. It is natural for him to want to destroy them because he wants to hurt God. He wants to make God look impotent. After all, if the Almighty God can't protect His people then what is the guarantee that He can protect anyone? But it is a miracle that the Jewish people are still around today. They are a true testament to God's divine protection."

"Satan hates the Jews with a passion because they gave the world both the Bible and the Messiah. He also hates the promises that God has made to save a great remnant of the Jews in the end times."

"Satan is determined to destroy the Jewish people so that God cannot keep His promise to bring a remnant to salvation. This is the reason that Satan is orchestrating all the nations of the earth against Israel today. God has raised up a nation that Satan, as the prince of this world, is determined to destroy."

"46. JerusalemForever Concerning Islam, Israel, Teaching - The root reason why Israel's enemies oppose Israel with such intensity is because they hate God.(see verse 2 above) Satan hates God and His plan for earth centered in Jerusalem and the Jewish people. This is not intended to be hateful, the truth is quite often painful, but after it is revealed to us we have an opportunity to be free from satanic deception that leads us to oppose the Only True God, who is the God of Israel."

"IV. Roots of Antisemitism in the Church A plot to undermine this "one new man" concept was systematically introduced as one of the primary schemes of the devil. Satan hates Israel because she brought forth the Redeemer of mankind. He especially hates the saved remnant of Israel because they maintain a testimony of true Jewish identity in Yeshua. (Rev. 12:17) Since Satan's schemes are thwarted by the power of Yeshua's blood, and believers are called to walk in the humility of that fact, the enemy's entr'e into the Christian's life is through arrogance and pride. Perhaps the exclusivity of the Messianic Jews caused a negative reaction among Gentile believers, but there were early signs in the Church of arrogance toward the Messianic Jewish community. Paul addressed this arrogant attitude in his letter to the Romans."

"Ultimately, the source of anti-Semitism lies with Satan himself. He hates God, and he is and always has been committed to the destruction of what God loves and desires. As God's chosen covenant people, Jews are at the bull's-eye of this hatred. Satan also knows that the restoration of the Jewish people plays a central role in the return of the Messiah. Thus, he is committed at all costs to preventing this. Jewish theology can't explain the Holocaust--and actually the "why" of it is part of the larger question, Why is there evil and suffering in the world if God is a God of love? The question is perplexing even to the most solid believer."

Satanic Origins Of Antisemitism:

"Even worse, it attributes Satan's unholy, malicious and vengeful actions to a holy and righteous God. When God judges His own people, His ultimate purpose is not retribution but restoration. His intention is not to destroy but to heal, not merely to punish but ultimately to purify from sin. Satan, on the other hand, is the destroyer. He enjoys inflicting horror and suffering on God's people with the ultimate intention of annihilation. God has staked His reputation on the preservation and the ultimate restoration of the Jewish people. Satan therefore aspires to destroy the Jews, in order to nullify God's promises and make Him out to be a liar."